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Scorpion Optics is a division of Scorpion Outdoor Products, a Canadian company with a long standing reputation for quality and reliability. Well known for Scorpion Strings, this Winnipeg based company has quickly become one of the leaders in the Canadian sport optics industry!

Our mission in the optics market is to provide quality reliable products at pricing that will make you smile. Not all products can make that statement but Scorpion Optics is proof that quality in optics can still be affordable. We very well might be the smallest optics company in Canada but that is what keeps our overhead lower and allows for better pricing. We are hands on owners that are available for our customers, should you have questions regarding our products, warranty or availability feel free to call our office for personal service. Our office hours are 8.00 AM to 4.30 PM CST Monday to Friday and our toll free number is 1 866 225 6774.

Our Features

Here at Scorpion we work hard to bring some of the best scopes, loaded with features at a reasonable price. We have developed Trajectory Compensating Reticles, put our touches on Angle Compensating technology and are currently working on a new dial system. We use quality glass which in our highest end scopes achieve 97% plus light transmission through our precision ground multi coated lenses. Please read below or watch some of our videos to find out more.

A Scorpion Innovation

The TCR Trajectory Compensating ReticleThe TCR was designed to help take out the guesswork involved in long range shooting. Modern laser rangefinders and the easy access to various quality ballistic programs have changed the way we look at today's hunting rifle. This combination along with hi tech ammunition and new magnum calibers have extended traditional hunting ranges by more than double. The TCR can be used with any rifle and ammunition combination. Hunting is not the same as bench rest shooting so when time is a factor, using the TCR and a laser rangefinder is the fastest way to get on target at any distance.Getting the best out of your new scope with the TCR, you will need a ballistic trajectory chart for your rifle and ammunition and a MOA chart.

There are many ballistic programs available on the web. Hornady has an excellent program on their site. Once you have a suitable ballistic chart for your rifle and ammunition you are ready to start the process of determining how your Venom Hi Grade scope will work for you. To start choose one of the highest magnifications on your MOA chart and compare this to the ballistic program. A trip to the range is required as there are many variables when it comes to bullet velocity such as humidity, altitude and temperature.To start zero the main crosshair at 100 yards,and test each dot at the appropriate distance.

You may find that the dot do not represent exactly 100 yard distances. Example; 1st dot 200 yds, 2nd dot 285 yds, 3rd 375 yards and post 450 yards. Each rifle and ammunition combination will be different. The MOA chart will give you a good starting point for this process. To determine all the points of impact the only way is to spend time shooting. Once you have your points determined, you will be ready to shoot at distance in dynamic conditions without any guesswork at all.